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Wood pile, 130 Center St., Bangor, ca. 1864

Contributed by Maine Historical Society and Maine State Museum
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Wood pile, 130 Center St., Bangor, ca. 1864
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John Martin (1823-1904) was a meticulous bookkeeper, gardener, and architecture and dancing enthusiast. In 1864, he wrote and illustrated a journal about his life and activities in and around Bangor.

On page 508 of the journal, he drew this illustration of the woodpile at his home at 130 Center Street, Bangor. He bought the house in 1854 and immediately began renovating it and re-landscaping the grounds. A few pages earlier in the journal, he had drawn the house and grounds.

Accompanying this illustration, he wrote, "In drawing the house & L had I been artist enough to show a Jog I might & wished to represent this wood pile but in giving the L on a line with the front of the house it diminished the width of the Jog so I left it out and have given this detailed description, wood Pile 20 feet long 10 feet wide 7 feet high with row of Sweet Peas."

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