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Scrapbook 3: 1867-

In this volume, which Martin began writing in 1867 and concluded in the early 1870s, he continues the political discussions that comprise much of his Scrap & Sketch Book, written from 1864-1866.

An ardent Republican, Martin was a supporter of Ulysses S. Grant's campaign for the presidency in 1872. He offers his own views of Horace Greeley, Grant's opponent, and other Democratic candidates for state and local offices. With illustrations and commentary, he profiles -- and strongly criticizes -- a number of Bangor area politicians.

Martin is especially critical of Irish immigrants and Catholics, convinced that they were being led by "rum sellers" and others to vote against their own best interests.

Martin wrote, "I have devoted a large portion of this book to politicks because our food and raiment depends on the issue of the day as much as the question does whether we shall be governed by foreign ideas and Policies or whether we are and will be capable of governing ourselves."

The volume, however, also showcases his interests in architecture and design with a section on gate designs for various uses, his ideal farm and barn structures, and a detailed illustration of a house he admired.

He also sketched and described several apple trees and apples and other trees of which he was proud.

This scrapbook is broken into seven sections to facilitate access. Click on links below or, for more details about the content of each section, use navigation at left.

Part 1, to page 29  
Part 1, to page 29Horse racing, plans of gates, 1866 Democratic Convention, politicians
Part 2, pages 30-47  
Part 2, pages 30-47Profiles of political figures, including Hannibal Hamlin, 1866 election results
Part 3, pages 48-64  
Part 3, pages 48-64More Hannibal Hamlin, other political figures and activities, Martin's apple trees
Part 4, pages 65-83  
Part 4, pages 65-83Lincoln's first inaugural address, Jefferson Davis inaugural address, 1837 profile of Bangor, trip to Bucksport
Part 5, pages 84-107  
Part 5, pages 84-107Bangor road issues, warmest, coldest days; Bangor skating rink, Bangor Cadet Company
Part 6, pages 108-128  
Part 6, pages 108-128Grant-Wilson, Greeley-Brown 1872 campaign clippings; Bangor Grant-Wilson activities
Part 7, pages 129-end  
Part 7, pages 129-endGrant-Wilson Rally in Augusta, election results, Greeley's death,