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John Martin: Expert Observer

Gravenstein apple, Bangor, 1866

Contributed by Maine Historical Society and Maine State Museum
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Gravenstein apple, Bangor, 1866
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Under his drawing of a Gravenstein apple and a tree that appear on page 64 of his "Scrap Book no 3," John Martin of Bangor wrote:
Curiosity and a strange freak. In the fall of 1864 I set this tree in location No 4 history page 477 (his "Journal") and in 1866 it bore 6 apples the size & color below I shew them to some 20 persons while in full size one time S T Chase & his brother & Nath Harlow Esq Sept 8th I drew & measured the tree, it was 6 ft 2 inches high and 5 feet 1/2 inch to the lower branches. In the spring of 1866 the was no part of it larger than my finger but during the season it thickened up a little from the ground up 2 feet but when the fruit grew it would have bent to the ground but I took a brush pole I had shoved & tied it up as drawn."

Martin wrote "this tree Duchese Anjeolene" and then he or someone crossed out the name and wrote "Gravenstein" over it and crossed that out as well. The sentence continued, "and a dwarf belles early were the admiration of all visitors."

Along the right side he wrote, "I trimmed this tree in 1865 so I could stand under the branches which threw the strength to the sap in the top & made it bear prematurely."

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