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Arvida Hayford, Bangor, ca. 1867

Contributed by Maine Historical Society and Maine State Museum
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Arvida Hayford, Bangor, ca. 1867
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John Martin (1823-1904) drew this illustration of Arvida Hayford, a Bangor lumber dealer, on page 57 of "Scrap Book no 3," which Martin began writing in 1857.

He wrote of Hayford, "The gentleman below has been noted as the hero of profligacy in Bangor for 25 years. I have given his person & expression almost exact representing him carrying his pitcher of water to his office on maine st ..."

Martin wrote that Hayford was a staunch Democrat and was the Indian agent for the Penobscot Indians in the 1840s for several years.

Martin, a Bangor accountant and shopkeeper, temperance man, and Republican, also wrote that during temperance years, Hayford imported alcohol and provided it to "Irish men & women in open defiance of the Maine law." He further charged that Hayford provided housing for "bad women."

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