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Intro: pages 72-120

Clara and John Martin's second eldest child, Annie Martin Snow (1855-1889), died while visiting her parents home in Bangor. Martin described her illness, death, and funeral in detail.

He also wrote about their son Junior, dances and dance schools, the final days of Katahdin Charcoal Iron Co., and his fruit trees.

People and events mentioned include:

  • Mabele Martin
  • G. Fred Snow
  • Clara Martin
  • Junior Martin
  • Morgan Bristland
  • Charles Snow
  • F.W. Cram
  • Edith M. Thompson
  • Mr. Farris
  • Mel Andrews
  • John D. Lander
  • Henry A. Wood
  • O. W. Davis Jr.
  • Ernst Sjostedt
  • R. Eugene Whittier
  • E. C. Sweet
  • J. W. Chapman