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Intro: pages 121-end

The final section of Martin's scrapbook begins with his reflections on the new inventions and changes in life -- trolleys, gas, electric street lights, and U.S. Mail boxes.

He wrote again about his family's history in Ellsworth, his childhood in Brewer and Hampden, his lameness, his mother's illnesses, his work history, and, finally, the death of his daughter Mabelle (1866-1899).

People and events mentioned include:

  • Owen Williams
  • Alex Doherty
  • Alden Merry
  • Col. John Black
  • Anna Stratton
  • John Martin Sr.
  • Solomon B. Raynes
  • James Stratton
  • Dr. Moses Adams
  • Mary Adams
  • Reed Harding
  • Dr. Increase Sanger
  • Hampden House
  • Rufus Prince
  • Clara Cary
  • Mabelle Martin
  • Ada Martin