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Intro to pages 0-46

The section includes the Constitution of the organization, information about Acadian Hall, Wasgatts Quartet, a list of members, including their professions and estimated worth, and information about particular dance events.

It also includes profiles and photographs of:

  • Albert Smith
  • John Martin
  • James G. Wasgatt
  • Albert L. Spencer
  • George H. Getchell
  • Melville H. Andrews
  • Francis A. Reynolds
  • Annie Frazier
  • Charles A. Oakman
  • Joseph G.S. Kimball
  • Thomas A. Jones
  • John D. Conley
  • Edward L. Appleton
  • Albert L. Chick
  • George W. Snow
  • Ichabod E. Leighton
  • Ancil C. Hallett
  • George H. Yeaton