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Intro to pages 47-90

This section includes information about John Martin's Dancing School that was held at the Hampden Town Hall, and dances at Temperance Hall and Dolan Hall in Bangor.

Martin also writes profiles and provides photos of:

  • Samuel R. Yeaton
  • Charles L. Marston
  • Mark W. Dresser
  • John F. Wellington
  • Charles C. Clemments
  • Frank W. Ring
  • Charles C. Blethen
  • William R. Streeter
  • Charles F. Shepley
  • Mrs. Caroline Miller
  • Mrs. Frank W. Ring
  • Miss Susie P. Stockwell
  • Miss R. M. Harlow
  • Clara C. Mayville
  • Miss Jennie Smith
  • Mrs. A.W. Daggett
  • Mrs. Esther H. Kimball
  • Mrs. Gratia B. Snow
  • Mrs. Louise D. Godfrey
  • Mrs. Caroline D. Chase