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Intro: pages 65-83

John Martin seeks to insure that his children -- especially his sons -- understand the politics about which Martin is so consumed. He begins this section with printed accounts of Lincoln's first inaugural address and Jefferson Davis's inaugural address.

He also presents an 1837 profile of Bangor and a discussion of how the city changed from that time until the late 1860s, when he created the Scrapbook.

Topics and people discussed include:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Jefferson Davis
  • 18th century Bangor announcements
  • 1837 profile of Bangor
  • Samuel Budge
  • Nath Harlow
  • Joseph Carr
  • Phillip H. Coombs
  • Eben French
  • Court House
  • Maine Charity School
  • Bangor House
  • Peter Edes
  • Bangor-Old Town railroad
  • Mount Hope Cemetery
  • North Bangor (Veazie)
  • Bangor bridges, churches, schools
  • Bangor commercial buildings
  • James Emerson Cottage
  • Bucksport