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Intro: pages 84-107

John Martin begins this section with newspaper clippings concerning how much Republican states contributed to the federal budget from 1866 to 1878, as compared to Democratic states, especially former Confederate states.

He leaves politics temporarily with clipping a clipping of an account he wrote in 1876 about Bangor's failure to properly deal with streets and sidewalks.

People and events discussed include:

  • The Berger Family
  • Dr. P. B. Mills
  • Fred Foster
  • John Z. Ricker
  • Mount Holyoke
  • Weather records
  • Wood Bishop & Co.
  • Gardening
  • Furber & Metcalf
  • Hugh Ross
  • Samuel C. Harlow
  • Bangor Skating Park
  • James Dunning
  • Charles Perry
  • Junior Martin
  • Jameson's Guards
  • Bangor Cadets
  • Frank Thoms