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Intro: pages 48-64

Martin continues his discussion of politics, beginning with a visit by steamer from Bangor to Hampden by a "whole load of wide awakes" to see Hannibal Hamlin. He discusses a number of local politicians and projects, including the plan for a Bangor to Waterville Railroad. He also discusses McClellan's candidacy for president in 1864.

Among topics and people mentioned are:

  • Hannibal Hamlin
  • William P. Wingate
  • Joshua Hill
  • C. S. Crosby
  • Byron Bradbury
  • James Dunning
  • Amos M. Roberts
  • Rufus Dwinal
  • Bangor-Waterville railroad
  • Wyman B. S. Moore
  • Samuel P. Strickland
  • Hastings Strickland
  • Henry H. Wood
  • George W. Pickering
  • Rufus Prince
  • Arvida Hayford
  • J. A. Cushing
  • Benjamin Kimball
  • George B. McClellan
  • Memphis riot
  • Impeachment discussions
  • Indianapolis riot
  • Apples