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Part 3, pages 38-56

In a combination of newspaper clippings and original narrative, Martin moves from the political to the personal, and topics in between. He offers and illustration and a quite interesting discussion of a former slave who lived in Bangor and who explained to Martin and others what slavery was like, and especially, what it was like to be whipped.

Topics and personalities include:
1848 Bangor Mechanics Festival
Tribute to Col. Daniel Chaplin
1st Maine Heavy Artillery
Thurston & Metcalf
Nath Harlow nursery
Apple tree
Ada Martin
Solon Wilder
Egyptian Caravan
Southern sentiments
Yales Mammoth Tent
Penobscot County Democratic Convention
Steamer, gun boat Mahoning
Congressional excursion to Bangor
Bangor McClellan Club
Ideal homestead
Southern life
Frank Davis
Wheelwright & Clark Block