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Part 7, pages 114-134

Martin began this section by writing and illustrating what he calls his "Chapter on Soldiers" in which he described what Civil War soldiers wore and carried and how little prepared Mainers were to be soldiers in 1861. He also discussed their training and duties.

He also wrote about the "demoralisation of our once peacable city," largely blaming the Irish for the decline.

People and topics mentioned include:
Rinaldo B. Wiggin
Levi Burch
James Dean
Edward Getchell
O. H. Ingalls
William Severance
Fuller Orff
Henry Holden
Willington Farm Barracks
Col. Daniel White
Ed Getchell
Fort Point Light
For Pownal
Howard L. Sampson
James G. Wasgatt
Hugh Ross
Elmer Martin
Annie Martin
Hoop skirts
Women's hats, boots
Women drinking
John thomas
Thomas McAloon
Nellie Chapman
Cornelius Driscoll
Cornelius Sullivan
Bill Stevens
Polka dancers
John Martin dancing feats