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John Martin: Expert Observer

Part 4, pages 57-76

Much of this section is about the 1864 presidential election and the end of the war activities in Bangor in which a large crowd of Union supporters marched through downtown, "urging" businesses run by Democrats or "secesh" to fly American flags and express support for the Union.

Some of the topics and personalities mentioned are:
Lincoln's victory in 1864
Irish votes in Bangor
Silas S. Drew
George B. McClellan
Franklin Treat
Annie Martin
Northern secessionists
Plot to burn New York
Glassblowers exhibition
Fort Sumter
Capture of Richmond, Petersburg
Lee's surrender
Bangor victory "parade"
Gorham L. Boynton
Israel B. Norcross
Llewellyn J. Morse
Daniel Dakins
Shaw & Tylers
Amos Patten
E. W. Elder
Pendleton & Ross
Edwin B. Patten
Isaac W. Patten
John A. Peters
George W. Ladd
John S. Ricker
Henry McLaughlin
Ambrose C. Warren
D. M. Howard
T. A. White
John Sargent
Calvin Seavey
William H. Flagg
John Wyman
Marcellus Emery
Hugh Ross
Hannibal Hamlin