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Part 6, pages 97-113

In this section, Martin has a newspaper article that discusses the July 4, 1865 festivities in Bangor in some detail. Martin follows that with his own commentary on the events of that day, including illustrations, one of which is a canoe race on Kenduskeag Stream. Ten members of the Penobscot tribe paddled the canoes.

Topics and personalities include:
Irish immigrants
Brig. Gen. Plaisted
Col. Israel B. Norcross
Capt. John B. Nickels
Co. B State Guards
Knights Templar
William Hutchings
Mayor Dale
John E. Godfrey
Hannibal Hamlin
Indian Regatta
Stephen Stanislaus
Sebattis Saul
Sebattis Solomon
J. M. Sockalexis
John Fransoway
Mitchel Peol Susup
Sappiel Sockalexis
Louis Sockabasin
Newel Hicola
Horace Francis
Martin children
Capt. Daniel K. Pomroy
"girls who bore a bad name"
Widow Clark
Mary E. Suratt
Balloon ascention
Jim Dunning