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Intro: pages 0-73

Approximately 1800-early 1830s

John Martin (1823-1904) begins his formal accounting of his life and experiences with a genealogy of his and his wife's families, his mother's life in Ellsworth, her marriage to John Martin Sr., his own childhood, including his father's death; his mother's remarriage to Solomon Raynes, and the family's move to Brewer and Ball Hill Cove in Hampden.

Among the people and events he mentions are:

  • Anna Stratton
  • John Martin (1800-1824)
  • Solomon Raynes
  • Cassander Cary
  • Sally Clap
  • Clara Cary
  • Alonzo Raynes
  • Martin homestead and neighbors
  • Doctor Moses Adams
  • Adams murder trial, 1815
  • Mary Adams
  • Col. Black
  • Joseph Card
  • Calvin Bakeman
  • Eben Merrill
  • Rebecca Raynes
  • Charles Merrill
  • Elm House, Bangor
  • Thomas Finson
  • Skinner Farm, Brewer
  • Henry K. Robinson
  • Dilly Snow Farm, Ball Hill Cove, Brewer
  • Clara Herrich
  • Enoch Holbrook Farm, Brewer
  • George Snow
  • Dick Patten
  • T. A. Snow
  • Otis Stone
  • Reed Harding
  • Martin's plow
  • Martin's garden
  • First passenger steamer
  • Doctor Allen Rogers Tavern, apothecary shop