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Intro: pages 74-138

Approximately 1833-1840

Martin described his family living in Doctor Allen Rogers House in Hampden's lower corner, moving the Rogers barn, his father's shipbuilding work, whooping cough, coping with deep snow in the winter, and moving back to Reed Harding's house in 1835.

He also wrote about his early gardens, his lameness, his sled design, national politics, his apprenticeship to and work for Doctor Increase S. Sanger in an apothecary and tavern, learning to dance, learning accounting, farming, and politics.

Some of the people and events mentioned are:

  • Allen Rogers
  • Reed Harding
  • Ephraim Stubbs
  • Alonzo Raynes
  • Rebecca Raynes
  • Mary Ann Harding
  • Attending school
  • Classmates
  • Map of Hampden Upper & Lower Corners
  • Increase S. Sanger
  • Ann Fales Sanger
  • Ruth Mayo
  • Hauling wood
  • Clearing land for orchard, wheat
  • Hampden House
  • Bar
  • Bowling alleys
  • Jes Crosman
  • Sands Circus & Caravan
  • Carlton Dancing School
  • Hampden Rifle Co.
  • Hannibal Hamlin
  • Bill Emery
  • Alfred Herrick
  • Antiquarian Society of Bangor
  • John Sargent Jr.
  • J. J. Jerome
  • Aroostook War
  • Cobb Dancing School
  • Ezekiel Hopkins
  • Hopkins house illustration
  • John Shey
  • Farming
  • Locofoco System of Free Trade
  • Tyler Wasgatt
  • Brick School House
  • Mr. Teague Dancing School
  • William Henry Harrison, Whigs
  • Boman Holman singing school