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Intro: pages 534-603

Approximately 1859-1854

Two of Martin's children were quite ill with measles; he looked for a new business prospect, worked as assistant assessor for Ward 6 where many Irish immigrants lived, worked for Thomas A. White; and then opened his own shop. He drew illustrations of the inside of the shop and provided details about the contents.

Martin mentioned the outbreak of the Civil War, and the effects of soldiers in Bangor and the war on local businesses; and his wife's serious illness and medical interventions used.

Some of the people mentioned:

  • Dr. Charles Snell
  • Annie Martin
  • Junior Martin
  • Dr. Calvin Seavey
  • Fiske Block
  • Goss & Upham
  • Hannibal Hamlin
  • Thomas A. White
  • Capt. Daniel Chaplin
  • Thurston & Metcalf
  • James Sanger
  • Edwin B. Patten