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John Martin: Expert Observer

Intro: pages 195-277

Approximately 1844-1849

The section begins with Martin's observation about the Millerites, a group that set a date for Christ's second coming, and their encampment in Orrington.

Martin then wrote about working for Rufus Prince, a club of young men formed to discuss current events and other topics, the destructive freshet of 1846, a trip to Ellsworth with his mother, business failures, property transactions, Prince business accounts, an eventful excursion to Belfast aboard an iron propellor steamer, and the Bangor Quartet Club.

People and events mentioned include:

  • Rufus A. Wiggin
  • Rinaldo B. Wiggin
  • Henry Cary
  • Cassander Cary,
  • Samuel Harlow
  • Sparhawk Harlow
  • Moses S. Page
  • Clara Cary
  • Fashion
  • 1846 freshet
  • Alonzo Raynes
  • Penobscot Bridge illustration
  • Market Hall
  • Stricklands Block
  • Stetson Block
  • Anna Raynes
  • Rufus Prince
  • First Baptist Church
  • Gordon Percival
  • Brick kilns
  • Steamer Bangor
  • Cyrus Goss
  • William Cobb, dancing master
  • Banqor Quartet Club
  • Zachary Taylor, Millard Filmore
  • James H. Polk
  • Temperance
  • Davis Verrill
  • Moses Averill
  • Williard Delano
  • Ellen Benson
  • Ham & Carys Bake House
  • Gold Rush
  • Asa Davis