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Intro: pages 139-194

Approximately 1840-1844

John Martin, still a teenager in the experiences he recollected, already had experience working for several men, and began work for O.H. Hinkley, who operated a tavern and bar that served the stage coach business, gardening for Hinkley, the temperance movement and his desire to stop selling liquor, and his continued interest in dancing.

He also wrote about a trip to Boston on a steamer, Andrew Jackson monetary policy, his foray into cutting cord wood, picking up lumber and other material along the Penobscot River, a clam voyage to Cape Jellerson, saving a man at the eddy at Carls Point, a failed romance, operating a butchering cart with his father, working at Eastes and Whittiers Stove Store, and his move to Bangor to work for Rufus Prince, Soap & Tallow Chandler. In Bangor, he met his future wife, Clara Cary, and many young men with whom he was lifelong friends.

The following people and events are mentioned in this section:

  • Oliner H. Hinckley
  • D Hinckley
  • Ann Young
  • Shaw & Billings lines
  • Sheriff Wingate Carr
  • Fire at old Hampden Academy
  • George H. Starbird
  • Temperance
  • Seth Merrill Tavern & Hall
  • Thomas Greenhalgh
  • Carltons Corner
  • Steamer Telegraph
  • Charles Starbird
  • Caroline Starbird
  • Cate Sewall
  • Steammill Frankfort Hotel
  • Horsemanship
  • Reuben Stetson
  • Daniel Emery Jr.
  • Gooden Grant
  • Ann Raynes
  • Solomon Raynes
  • Barker Emery
  • Washingtonian Society
  • Angeline B. Snow
  • Reuben S. Grant
  • Mr. Teague's Singing Association
  • Rufus Prince Soap & Tallow Chandler
  • Sophia Brewster Prince
  • Sarah Cary
  • Clara Cary
  • Rinaldo B. Wiggin
  • Nathaniel Harlow
  • Elizabeth Blowers
  • Mr. Spanford Singing School
  • Plan of north end of Bangor