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Intro: pages 362-451

Approximately 1850-1855

Martin described every item he and his new wife, Clara Cary, bought to set up housekeeping after their marriage in 1850. He also described the house, his gardens, the birth of their first child, Ada, and their move to a portion of Clara's mother's house. He described other houses he owned, and ones he lived in, especially the Soule house, which became his family home; and his brother Alonzo's visit from California.

Martin further described Rufus Prince his business dealings, his plan to build a new brick store, and, eventually, Martin's departure from the business, joining Pendleton & Ross, ship chandlers, and their business difficulties.

Among the people mentioned are:

  • Albert Wiggin
  • Rinaldo Wiggin
  • Clara Martin
  • Cassander Cary
  • Samuel Veazie
  • Reuben Bagley
  • Elbridge Harris
  • Charles McCabe
  • Ada Martin
  • Elizabeth Sayward
  • Rufus Prince
  • William B. Harlow
  • Wood & Bishop, stove & iron dealers
  • Luther Cary
  • Dora Spencer
  • Joseph H. Garmon
  • B.N. Thomas
  • Heminway & Hersey
  • Pendleton & Ross Ship Chandlers
  • Samuel W. Furber
  • Eliab W. Metcalf
  • Hugh Ross Jr.
  • Capt. Nathan Pendleton
  • Pendleton & Ross counting room illustration
  • Joseph Carr